Imagine if
  • we could know where to invest in infrastructure based upon a clear future prediction of population, demographics and GDP.
  • Australia could increase food production by the 70% needed to feed the world's population of 9 billion by 2050.
  • we could detect faults in transportation infrastructure well before they occur to eliminate outages, save lives and efficiently allocate funds for maintenance.
Let our solutions be your catalyst of new innovation for social impact and economic growth.

A Brave New World

Big Data is the foundation of digital technologies disrupting the world. Adoption of this is required to be relevant, competitive and achieve social and economic advancement. Digital technologies including Big Data are driving the largest and fastest revolution in history.

This represents a major opportunity for innovation across government, such as:

  • Significant increases in efficiency eg. driverless cars, smart cities and utility grids

  • Creation of new industries and government services eg. drone logistics, wearable technology, predictive health diagnosis

  • Social and economic growth

  • A world of perfect data and the ability to predict the future


A Call To Action

Government needs to be a catalyst for new innovation and lead the way in the brave new world.

 To be the leader, Government's Big Data strategy needs to:

  • Build a single-view of all data

  • Improve data quality

  • Leverage expertise within universities and build education and innovation expertise

  • Deliver a shared platform, toolsets and methodologies to to accelerate incubation commercialisation of Big Data solutions

To create better Governments

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