AthenaSourcing SaaS leads an education revolution

Athena Intelligent Talent Sourcing (AthenaSourcing) is a Next Generation Education, HR and Procurement Service that uses multiple skills frameworks (including SFIA) to survive and thrive in the disrupted workplace.

The Problem

The traditional world of acknowledging the skills you have is changing. No longer do we just accept your graduating degree and say you can do this role. In the work of the future, we are walking away from roles and moving to a capability based system where skills and frameworks is the way to access a candidate's skills. Professional bodies are moving in this direction. In the accounting model. CAANZ and CPA have done it. And in the IT space, SFIA is the adopted framework.

The Solution

We have built the AthenaSourcing SaaS. It will allow an organisation to run a multiple framework system to support their organisation in understanding the skills of the individuals and as a marketplace better. The solution provides benefits in HR, Recruitment and Procurement. What is common in all of these 3 cases is the way we determine the skills of people. The process is simple: a CV is ingested using AI to create a secure account and online Professional Profile that outline a candidates skills,  Skills are then confirmed in 3 stages:

  1. Self Assessment - where the candidate selects the skills and responsibility levels from the framework
  2. Validation - where a candidate's Self Assessment is reviewed by their Manager
  3. Endorsement - where an external, trusted, independent organisation verifies the assessment from an industry perspective

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 For further details please visit our dedicated AthenaSourcing SaaS page.

The Benefit

AthenaSourcing will enable tertiary institutions to remain relevant in the current world of ongoing disruption where traditional approaches of education are being increasingly questioned.  It will:

  • Close Skill Gaps and Maximise Investment in Education
    by providing the right, personalised education and training aligned to sustainable career pathways.
  • Put Trust and Transparency back into the Workforce
    by knowing the skills, levels and gaps of workers.

  • Connect the Right Workers to the Right Jobs
    by using innovative, intelligent & automated approaches including algorithmic, precise, automated rating, ranking and selection of the best workers and teams.

  • Provide a Common Language for Skills and Capability
    You find what you need because your capability requirements are understood. 

For further details please visit our dedicated AthenaSourcing SaaS page.