Product Optimisation

Increase sales and decrease costs using a world class recommendation engine.

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The Problem

Millions of dollars are lost annually due to not knowing what product to recommend at what time and through which channel (which is required to maximise Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) from cross sell & upsell). Additionally, millions of dollars are lost from inefficient manufacturing and supply chain due to an inability to accurately predict customer demand.

The Solution

The GCS Agile solution will create a consolidated view across existing data silos, and new structured and unstructured data. Once the data is consolidated, GCS Agile will implement a recommendation engine that accurately profiles and segments customer (by demographic, age, culture, etc.) and recommends the right product to the right customer at the right time through the right channel.

The Benefit

  • Elimination of millions of dollars of annual waste and an increase in revenues due to increased customer lifetime value from increased customer intimacy which drives greater upsell and cross-sell
  • Optimised manufacturing and supply chains which will save millions of dollars annually