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Predicted resourcing needs and profitability.

Data enriches our lives. It lets us see everything before is happens. Here at GCS Agile we give industry leading data driven insights to assist your business is future proofing your service.

The Problem

The client was not able to accurately predict case resourcing needs and case profitability using incumbent, inefficient manual processes.

The Solution

A machine learning platform was built that:

  • Implemented predictive models built on historical time entries by position in the firm, used text analysis to complete missing and incomplete data, and employed clustering algorithms to group cases together with similar resource profiles 
  • Analysed historical invoices to build the case profiling platform
  • Created a quick access dashboard that was made accessible and readable by all levels of technical skill

The Benefit

The machine learning platform provided accurate forecasts of case resourcing needs and profitability, as well as the ability to analyse trends in hours worked by role and phase of case in addition to trends of case duration.