Building Management

Optimise your building management systems.

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The Problem

Customers want to manage Building Management Systems and various sector data from their buildings in order to predict and prevent major equipment losses, improve asset performance and predict asset life and replacement.

The Solution

GCS Agile's solution can:

  • Build a central repository of all building data

  • Establish preventative maintenance capability that proactively predicts  when building components need to be replaced or serviced

  • Provide analytical reporting on the efficiency of building services

  • Automate building efficiency by activating services on an as-needs basis eg. intelligent lighting

The Benefit

Your optimised building management system will:

  • Optimise energy usage, emissions and service availability
  • Reduce building maintenance costs significantly
  • Predict building needs by predicting and visualising potential problems before they occur
  • Manage outages and maintenance before critical stages