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Determining Success in Meeting SLA Requirements

Data enriches our lives. It lets us see everything before it happens. Here at GCS Agile we give industry leading data driven insights to assist your business is future proofing your service.

The Problem

The client was unable to determine whether service obligations were being met and to identify exceptions

The Solution

Ingested 75 data feeds, 1TB/day and both structured (including customer order and Siebel CRM) and unstructured (including Nuance text translations of call centre scripts) data and normalised and matched the data to create a single customer view of customer journeys with the organisation.

The Benefit

The client can measure where service levels were being met against advertised KPIs. Furthermore, the client can proactively identify where service levels were at risk of not being met and rectify these in time leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and overall increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS).