iGene Digital Autopsy

Revolutionise the forensic medico-legal and educational sectors for the benefit of society.

The Problem

Traditional autopsy methods are limited for many reasons because they are invasive and have emotional impact on families, and lack data quality and re-usability for medico-legal, forensic and educational purposes

The Solution

GCS Agile has partnered with iGene Digital Autopsy to deliver a breakthrough digital imaging technology that replaces the scalpel with a scanner and allows pathologists to undertake a complete autopsy without the need to make a single incision. This partnership will further revolutionise forensic, medico-legal and educational solutions for the benefit of society.

The Benefit

iGene Digital Autopsy provides a better and faster alternative to traditional autopsy methods:

  • Non-invasive which increases consent and number of autopsies performed eg. previously several religions prevented autopsies
  • Effective data re-use and sharing for enhanced medical research and preventative health
  • Dramatically improved data quantity and quality accelerates and increases accuracy (by 38%) of analysis
  • Increases accredited pathologists by accelerating training
  • Improves collaboration
  • 10 minutes to take and process 25,000 images for virtual analysis
  • Reduced emotional impact on families
  • Allows unlimited analysis from one autopsy which significantly reduces the need for multiple examinations 
The first digital post-mortem examination or autopsy facility in Europe will start in Sheffield (UK) using a GBP 3M state-of-the-art technology developed in Malaysia.During the 9th Annual WIEF (World Islamic Economic Forum) in Excel London, UK, a network of 18 state-of-the-art Digital Autopsy facilities will be launched for the UK, the first of its kind in the world.
Screen Shot 2016 05 30 at 08.47.14The Digital Autopsy System is an advanced forensic medicine powered by INFOPSY software to conduct Crime Scene Investigations (CSI), autopsy and forensic odontology using digital technologies.   


Key Endorsements:

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key religious endorsements:

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