Social Analytics

The ability to intimately understand your target customers to increase your relevance and success is now possible with our Subjectivity and Social Network Analysis services

Subjectivity Analysis

Our Subjectivity Analyser service goes beyond just understanding customer sentiment.  We capture social media data produced by your target audience and analyse this in detail to understand their emotions, anxiety, concerns and personality.  This provides you with deep and differentiated customer insights that keep you relevant so that you can retain your customers and maximise sales and service.  And we deliver this all as a service that is intuitive and simple for you to navigate!

Social Network Analysis

It is common knowledge that customers rarely buy on the basis of the recommendation of the company who owns the product or service.  Rather, they buy from their trusted, social network eg. their best friend, sister, brother, mother or father.  These are referred to as "micro-influencers" in your target customer groups.  Our Social Network Analysis service enables you to rapidly identify your "micro-influencers" so that you know who has the greatest impact on your commercial success.  You can then target the right audience to maximise the return on your investments.